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Those who choose cremation my also have funeral/memorial services if they choose.

Planning Cremation

Step 1: Select a plan....A. Ceremonial Plan with a customized ceremony and viewing prior to the cremation with memorial services. B. Preferred Plus Plan. Private viewing prior to cremation with memorial services to follow. C. Simple Plan - Private viewing prior to cremation. D. Simple Memorial Services after cremation. E. Cremation without memorial services or viewing.

Step 2: Select a container. A. Cremation Casket - Suitable for all types of visitations and viewings, followed by cremation B. Basic cremation Casket - Suited to simpler tastes or private viewing before cremation. C. Rental Casket - low cost alternative for viewing and visitation. D. Alternative Container - Suitable when there is no viewing or visitation.

Step 3. Select an Urn. What should you do with your loved one's cremated remains? Scatter them in a special place? Memorialize them in a decorative Urn? Inter them in a cemetery plot or niche? The answer to these questions help to determine the urn that best fits your needs. in addition to personal tastes, urns are designed for specific uses....Nitch, Burial, Home and Scattering.


Direct Cremation prices starting at $785.00

Memorial with Cremation prices starting at $1,765.00

Traditional Service with Cremation prices starting at $3,995.00

Please call or email us for details and information. or 925-472-0950

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